Bringing out the beauty from within, head to toe, from hair, pedicure, manicure, skin care, facial massage, to utilizing a world class equipments to manage with body figure and weight problems.
Prannara Beauty is located at 1st fl. of Prannara Building.


Our professional therapists will melt your stress away and revive all of your senses with the original spa philosophy through the use of water and various soul pleasing aromas with Prannara's signature treatments.
Prannara Spa is located at 2nd fl. of Prannara Building.


Prannara Allied Health Sciences: Blending thousands of years of Eastern wisdom treatments with modern technology to bring you the most balanced "Prann". A mixture of modern day medical treatment with other treatments approved by The Ministry of Public Health.
Prannara Clinic is located at 1st fl. of Prannara Building.

Diagnosed by experienced Chinese doctors applying special ancient techniques with accuracy level comparable to using the modern equipments. Acupuncture to restore body balance or other treatments to cure weakening health, such as allergies, weight control, infertility, insomnia, stress, post natal etc.
The use of applied traditional Thai medicine to heal general symptoms such as by massaging, steamed herb press and acupressure.
Another branch of therapy to help rehabilitating from physical injuries, loosening the strained body muscles from office syndrome or other injuries such as from sports activities.


Guasa and glass vacuum are the therapies of Chinese origin done by scraping the skin (Guasa) and using a heated spherical glass pressed to the skin to create a vacuum which stimulates the antibody to draw out toxic from within.
At Prannara we apply a face lifting cream while applying Guasa techniques to the lymphatic system resulting in an instant facial rejuvenation that can be seen after the first session.
Normally, Guasa uses animal horns as a tool but at Prannara, we use authentic jade which has a cooling property and is most suitable for facial skin and absorbs toxic substances very well (after every session, the jade will be left unused for a week for hygienic reasons and allowing it to restore its toxic absorbent property before the next use)
Rainbow oil is a light AHA extracted from various fruits and vegetables that will be generously applied to your body before entering the steam room and end the session with aroma oil massage.
Rainbow oil gently eliminates dead skin cells while cleanses and enabling you to achieve even skin tone. The steaming process helps to open up the skin pores enabling the Rainbow Oil to penetrate and help to improve blood circulation resulting in dazzling skin complexion.
At the Aroma Massage step, a rich plant extracted aroma oil is applied and massage onto the body to moisturize the skin. This massage routine stimulates blood circulation and relaxes all of your 5 senses yielding the best skin and facial radiance.
Normally paraffin massage is used as treatments to relax hand and foot, but here at Prannara, we perform a light massage by applying liquid paraffin to the whole body.
Paraffin is known to moisturize the skin and helps to improve blood circulation. The gold dust together with paraffin work very well resulting in a beautiful skin glow and ultimate relaxation.
It is highly recommended that skin exfoliation be performed from time to time to eliminate dead skin cells and other residues, such as, dust and skin creams that have not been completely removed by normal daily cleansing, to allow the skin nutrients and massage oil to penetrate and replenish the skin at their best . However, keep in mind that mature skin tend to shed less dead skin cell.
At Prannara, a skin exfoliation programme is available to delight our customers using only natural ingredients. An individual's skin condition is determined prior to the actual treatment. The most requested (renowned) exfoliation programme is the Royal Jelly Bee Treatment. This is where the natural Royal Jelly Bee (bee's milk), which is available to harvest only once a year is collected. This elegant substance has no beads, therefore, it does not irritate the skin during the treatment. Natural oil from the Royal Jelly Bee is produced after the application and moisturizes the skin, needing no further oil massage after the treatment, resulting in exfoliating and replenishing at the same time.


As serving excellent services for years, Prannara has gained experience, skills, and insight in spa business.
Today Prannara branches out a new service: Prannara Consultancy, to assist investors who want a spa of your dream.
Our spa experts are here to guide you throughout the process from concept, decor, spa-training, and operation through equipment sourcing. With our expertise in spa business, we ensure the service quality and satisfaction through our commitment to our clients.
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